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Cisco Academy Day Inspire and Challenge


Cisco Academy Day: Inspire & Challenge



Inspire & Challenge with Digital Skills for the Future

Inspire and Challenge: the Cisco Academy Day a day on digital skills for the future

400 students in their final year of high school they discover and experience the ICT key technologies for the digital transformation

Great success at the Forum of Assago for the third edition of Cisco Academy Day: the national day dedicated to the Cisco Networking Academy Program, which offers specialized ICT training at high schools, universities and vocational training centers throughout Italy.  

The event, organized by Cisco in collaboration with eForHum , Academy Support Center in northern Italy, and was held on 23 February to coincide with the International Day edition of the Academy in Berlin.

"Inspire & Challenge" was the title of this day, which is ideally the "kick-off", with regard to the initiatives related to the world of education, the three-year investment plan to accelerate the digitalisation of Italy that Cisco has announced on 19 January. A plan that focuses on digital skills required today and in the future from the labor market, relying on strengthening the presence of the Cisco Networking Academy program in high schools across Italy and the proposed new training courses dedicated to the technologies for the industry 4.0, for cyber security, digital networks.

400 young people today have met entrepreneurs, companies, persons who have taken important professional opportunities by capitalizing on the ICT skills, and have had the opportunity to experience the most advanced technologies in the working group on corporate laboratories , with network devices, virtualization systems and cyber security technologies. Teachers also had the opportunity of a technical upgrade. 

The "magnificent 400" are students of the fifth year of the technical colleges to address information technology and telecommunications, ideally chosen to represent the entire community of 268 Italian Networking Academy, which last year was attended by over 21,000 people.

"You have to look at the issue of skills with development in mind to train people today that will support digital transformation taking place in the industry, in security, in the nets." Explains Luca Lepore, head of the Cisco Networking Academy Program .

"The three-year investment plan announced by Cisco provides such an important part devoted to the subject of competences because there always is clear that without the expertise the technological evolution, as unstoppable, can only deliver fully on its promises and opportunities individual growth, economic and social. This third edition of the Academy Day is a confirmation of the fact that this message has been heard from the educational world: in fact, after two editions related international Cisco Live event held in Milan in 2014 and 2015, was organized at the request of the kids, of schools and teachers who had appreciated the value. "