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Cisco Academies (CAs)

Being a Cisco Academy gives your educational establishment the opportunity to use Cisco curriculum and tools to teach digital, technical and career building skills to students, as part of a global community. Any Cisco Academy within the UK can use Cisco Networking Academy content to support the recruitment and education of students - teaching them the industry skills of the future. We welcome institutions of any size and educational profile.


Many of our current courses do not require the purchase of equipment, using freely available resources as well as Packet Tracer, the networking and Internet of Things (IoT) simulator. Some of the more technically advanced courses, may require the purchase of specialist equipment. 


As a Networking Academy member, your institution will gain access to a comprehensive technology skills and career building programme with a global reputation for preparing people for success in a connected world. Benefits include:

  • free and unlimited use of Packet Tracer, a network configuration and IoT simulation tool, and other interactive tools
  • updated and maitained high quality curricula and learning tools to promote Academic excellence
  • free access to the Cisco netacad.com learning platform for administrators, instructors, and students
  • discounts on equipment (recommended in specific, advanced career-ready courses)
  • discounts on international Industry certification exams
  • selection of courses to compliment academic or vocational programmes and develop digital skills and prepare students for certifications
  • access support and training, support communities, and professional development
  • online teaching resources, grade books
  • online simulations, games, quizzes, assessments 
  • 24x5 online instructor and student support (Monday to Friday)
  • differentiated support packages, from free to paid-for from our community of Academy Support Centres


If you would like to apply to become a Cisco Academy, please fill in this online form. See what people are saying about Cisco Networking Academy on Facebook.

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Academy Support Centres (ASCs)

ASCs play a critical role in the development and sustainability of the programme. They recruit Cisco Academies, Instructors, and help them meet quality requirements for the delivery of Networking Academy curricula. ASCs provide a minimum of the following services to the Cisco Academies (CAs) they support:

  • act as the first point of contact for support to CAs
  • assist new CAs with the onboarding process
  • assist CAs with finding instructor training, setting up classrooms and labs, and ordering equipment (when appropriate)
  • build awareness and offer training to increase use of resources and tools from Cisco and partners
  • provide a programme orientation for new administrators and instructors
  • localise and disseminate critical communications from Cisco
  • assist CAs with alignment of Networking Academy courses to current offerings
  • collaborate with CAs to improve the quality of operations and instruction
  • provide marketing support for CAs to attract new students

ASCs are encouraged to offer additional services to those described above, and typically work with regional Cisco Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Managers, who are responsible for managing the Networking Academy programme to support initiatives and projects based on regional goals and objectives. 

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Instructor Training Centres (ITCs)

ITCs qualify (prepare and authorize) new and current Networking Academy Instructors. They are responsible for providing:

  • Access to online instructor resources for training
  • One year of technical support to participating instructors
  • Professional development opportunities (may charge by the activity or by subscription)
  • Details about lab equipment needed to teach courses
  • Assistance with lab setup

The qualification requirements are not applicable to all of NetAcad courses. Exploratory courses don't have any qualification requirement, the same happening to most of the Foundational courses, except for Networking Essentials and IT Essentials.  All Career-Ready courses have qualification requirements.

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Partner Network

Cisco Academies are free to select the partners (ASCs/ITCs) they would like to work with. In the UK and Ireland there are currently 15 partners:


Institution name ASC ITC
Anglia Ruskin University 1 1
Birmingham City University 1 1
Fife College  1 0
Glasgow Caledonian University 1 1
GRA Training 1 1
Leeds City College 1 1
Lesoco College  1 1
London Metropolitan University 1 1
Edinburgh Napier University  1 1
New College Nottingham 1 1
Staffordshire University 1 1
The Manchester College 1 1
The Open University 1 1
University of Wales Trinity St David 1 1
University West Scotland 1 1



Institution name ASC ITC
Dublin Institute of Technology 1 1
Institute of Technology Blanchardstown 1 1


You can use the Academy Locator to see where these organisations are located, or use the map below:

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