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Cisco is helping to build the workforce of tomorrow by teaching students in the UK the IT and professional skills that employers need to fill the ICT skills gap. More than 300 Networking Academy locations across the U.K. are dedicated to helping students develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in a technology-driven market.

Our Partners
European Commission Digital Coalition for Jobs

Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs

Cisco pledged to align training and certifications to the e-competence framework, and to provide training for smart-grid professionals.

European Commission Women in ICT

Women in ICT

Cisco signed the EU Code of Best Practices for women in ICT.


e-Skills for Jobs 2016 EU Campaign

Cisco supports efforts to raise awareness of the opportunities available to people with who know how to effectively use digital technologies.

European Alliance

European Alliance for Apprenticeship

Cisco committed this pledge in support of young European people on their first steps towards a successful professional career.

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