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探索最新职业趋势,以及 Cisco Networking Academy 课程如何与之对应。

通向现今 IT 职位的路径

Each year thousands of jobs go unfilled because employers cannot find skilled talent. The Cisco Networking Academy program gets you started on a path to these jobs. Learn more about the courses that map to these career pathways.


您一向微笑待人吗?我们的支持人员善于解决问题,对人友好且容易沟通。提供支持的人员都是其所在产品或支持领域的专家,因此这是您追求进步的良好途径。职位名称: 技术支持调度员,支持技术人员,支持工程师,网络支持技术人员,网络支持工程师

未来的 IT 职位

The digital transformation of the economy is generating unparalleled demand for skilled workers and new opportunities for creative, tech-savvy people everywhere.