Meet Arnaud: a former soldier who saw how networking could be a matter of life and death


"When you join Networking Academy, you actually join a whole community ready to help you whenever you need it.”


Arnaud, from France, had an interest in tech from a young age. “I was always very interested in video games and computer building,” says Arnaud. “I built my own computer when I was 14 years old.”

But studying was not his strength. “I wasn’t a model schoolboy. Not because I was bad, but because it was not interesting to me,” he says.

In his final year at high school, he decided to drop out and join the Army.

“My passion for networks grew during my military training. I was a soldier specializing in army telecommunication. During a mission, we realized that our friends’ lives depended on networking communications and that we couldn’t fail.”

“This made me want to make it my life’s job.”

Arnaud served for five years in the Chasseurs Alpins regiment, specializing in mountain combat in southeastern France before deciding to resume his education. “I wanted to resume my studies, but in something that I was passionate about. At Paris-Saclay University I was guided by an instructor at the best networking school: Cisco Networking Academy.”

Practical learning with Cisco Networking Academy

“What's different about Cisco Networking Academy is the number of practical courses that relate to the working world,” says Arnaud. “I studied a lot [of things] that I was able to apply during my internship. Also, when you join Networking Academy, you actually join a whole community ready to help you whenever you need it.” 

Arnaud went on to do CCNA Instructor training to start teaching networking. “When I saw the first reaction of my students, the first year I taught, when they understood how computer communications really worked, I realized how much I enjoyed teaching. Especially with the Cisco Networking Academy program. I was happy to convey knowledge the way I would have liked when I was at school.”

Trust in the basics

Now Arnaud works for a French ISP as a Network Engineer. “I continue to learn every day,” he says. “Cisco Networking Academy gave me trust in all my basic knowledge and refined my understanding of networks. The CCNA courses gave me the bedrock of knowledge that I need for my job today.”



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