Free Courses for Military-Veterans

Free Linux and Cybersecurity courses for U.S. military, veterans and their family members.

Learn Valuable OS and Cyber Skills

Enroll in technology courses to explore, develop and validate your skills!

First, watch this: Cisco's 3-part series called "Navigating Your Transition to a Tech Career"
to help service members and veterans move into civilian careers in IT. Click here to watch all 3 webinars:


Your Service

You bring valuable military training and experience to the work place. Critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork skills are needed by all organizations.

Whatever your specialty, online technology courses can help you explore skills that lead to in-demand careers.


Available Courses

These Cisco courses are now available for self-enrollment online, at no cost to U.S. active military, veterans and their families:



"Military personnel bring a level of maturity and self-reliance that is invaluable to employers. When you take the benefits and character-building of military training, and combine those with the depth and quality of a Networking Academy education, you have the ingredients for a very competitive and confident job candidate.”

— Lt. Col. Bill Philbrick, U.S.A. retired, former IT director for the U.S. Military Academy (West Point), and Cisco VETS employee volunteer group co-founder


What's Next?

Click on the links above to enroll in these online courses. Once you discover your level and/or area of interest, you can continue your studies by enrolling in additional courses. 


Knowledge is Power, and Certification is Proof.

If you have an IT, networking or cyber career in mind, academy courses can prepare you to earn globally-recognized Cisco certifications.

Cisco certified professionals have the expertise it takes to work successfully with today’s fast-evolving communications technologies, including cyber security, mobile communications, cloud computing, and more.

The illustration on the left shows just a few examples of the many job titles and average salaries available in IT.


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Find out about other Networking Academy courses here:



It's a networked world, and virtually every industry relies on the internet for success. IT and computer networking skills are in great demand.


What you can expect from Cisco courses:

  • Cutting-edge courses designed by technology experts
  • Entry-level to advanced courses
  • Network simulations and real world IT problem-solving
  • Membership in an interactive, worldwide community