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In order to join the Cisco Networking Academy program:

  • Your organization must apply to Become an Academy and identify an administrator to manage your Academy account (such as sign membership documents, manage your instructor list, and complete the Academy Orientation).
  • Instructors need to be associated with an Academy and complete the Academy Orientation. Some courses require instructor training or accreditation, and we highly recommend all instructors take advantage of our free Instructor Professional Development offerings.
  • Your organization will need to be able to provide an effective learning environment for the courses you plan to teach. Some courses require in-person instruction and dedicated classroom space for hands-on labs with physical equipment. Other courses can be taught online and do not require classroom space or physical equipment. Check the requirements for each course you plan to teach.
  • For online instruction, students will need internet access through a computer, tablet, or mobile device. Some courses require students to use a computer for labs with Cisco Packet Tracer or virtual machines.
  • Depending on the course(s) you choose to teach, you may need to purchase equipment and you may need the support of an Academy Support Center (ASC) to get up and running. Some ASCs do not charge for their services, while others provide services on a per-incident fee basis or offer an annual subscription fee for a general list of services.

See our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information and benefits of joining the program.


ASC (Academy Support Center)

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