Career Skills for Techies Webinar Series

Getting ready to join the workforce can feel like a never ending process, sometimes overwhelming. We all know that we need to build the technical skills specific for the career path we want to pursue. But do you know which career skills you need to build, no matter which industry or career path you pursue? Do you know which career skills employers are most interested in and feel technical candidates lack?

In this webinar series, we highlight the top career skills employers say they want to see in their candidates. We emphasize the skills we know are in high demand and provide you with ideas on how to expand your skills set during your everyday activities.

Session 1: Manage Your Knowledge and Your Work

No matter the job you are hired to do, you are expected to manage yourself – your time, your tasks, and your information. In this session, we focus on aspects of building your skills around organization, time management, and knowledge auditing. This session is 18 minutes long.

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Session 2: Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Success

We have said it before, and will continue to remind you that: your technical skills will get you far in the workplace–but only if it is coupled with you being emotionally intelligent. Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ, is a combination of being able to master being: self-aware, motivated, empathetic, socially competent, and able to manage yourself as well as being capable of collaborating. This session breaks down each of these facets and how they relate to your success in the workplace. This session is almost 15 minutes long.

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Session 4: Problem Solving and Innovation Mindset

Cisco is committed to launching the next generation of global problem solvers. Learn why problem solving skills are incredibly valuable to employers, especially Cisco. Coupled with problem solving is the ability to innovative.

Innovation has become quite the buzzword in the past few years, especially with Internet of Things branching into all industries. Without a doubt, employers want employees who are capable of channeling their inner creativity to help the company excel.

Being creative means you are capable of very many things, learn how to express the different aspects that comprise being creative.

Learn more about how problem solving, innovation, and creativity are essential skills for all techies—regardless of your industry or job title.

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This session will be updated soon with a shorter, newer version.

Session 5: Fundamentals of Leadership

In our final session, we bring all the aptitudes we mentioned in the previous sessions and show how they intertwine to create an impressive set of skills. Often when you are able to master the larger set of career skills you are also able to demonstrate your ability to lead.

Leadership skills are highly sought after and are multidimensional. In order to be a great leader you need to have any equally great set of career skills.

Join us for this session so you can learn what exactly you need to focus on building so that you can not only call yourself a leader—but be able to demonstrate your strong leadership skills.

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This session will be updated soon with a shorter, newer version.