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Practice with Cisco Packet Tracer

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NetAcad and Chicago's Underserved Youth

Englewood has been called one of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Chicago. The problems seem overwhelming, and resources from local and state agencies are in scarce supply. How do you create optimism and opportunities for hundreds of disenfranchised kids?
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Girls Power Tech Day: April 28, 2016

Girls in the US will meet technologists and innovators who are changing the world on Girls in ICT Day. Cisco hopes to inspire more girls to become part of a new generation of problem solvers, using technology to make a difference.
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Practice with Cisco Packet Tracer

New to Networking Academy? Sign up for Packet Tracer 101 and get a free download of Packet Tracer for Windows or Linux!
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Belviane Songong: Networking Academy Student

High school student speaks out about the value of Networking Academy courses in her life.
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Get Your IT Career Started

IT Essentials explores the fundamentals of connecting and securing computers and mobile devices for entry-level IT jobs.
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